We are capitilizing on our proven track record of demanding generic developments and analytical services. Our extensive experience, the evaluation of the adverse generic pricing environment and the valuable input and active interest of our sponsors, led us to the field of Generics and Super Generics.

Super generics are dosage forms which contain an approved API but differ from the originator in formulation, dosage form or in the route of administration. They may be administered in different dosage regimen, may have new indication or less side effects, they may have better patient compliance. They aim at improving patient care and have added therapeutic value. They may NOT be therapeutically equivalent to brand name and thus may not be interchangeable with it.

  • pharmaceutical and formulation development services
  • applied analytical services through Lamda Laboratories S.A. (applied research and development) our privately owned, GMP certified, analytical search laboratory

  • GMP certified laboratory
  • strict set of SOP's
  • specializing in formulation development
  • full "a la carte" analytical services
  • EU release services
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • highly specialized stuff
  • in house control of time lines and costs