The Company

Lamda Pharmaceuticals is a pioneer in the Contract Development Organization field. Since its inauguration in 1996 Lamda focused in providing development, regulatory and registration services for Generics for European Pharma corporations.
knowledge is power”: This core philosophy is the driver of Lamda and the core ingredient of our success which has permitted us to successfully address the complex challenges that our clients / sponsors have demanded over the years. The end result of this 15-year journey is an impressive development portfolio.
The activation of our new GMP certified laboratory specializing in formulation development in line with the latest EMA guidelines coupled with the highly qualified and experienced analysts, permits us to offer tailor-made services covering the whole range from simple once off analyses to custom developments.
The accumulated experience of our regulatory and registration teams acts as a catalyst to the whole process of development, streamlines all activities and permits the shortest time to submission while at the same time minimizing any development risks.

Reliable long term
partners for
  • pharma services
  • co-developments
  • out-licensing/distribution
  • tendering experts